Bay Farm

Mission Statement

We work together to cultivate a vibrant Montessori learning community where children are inspired to grow with joy, purpose, and compassion. Through the wonder of direct exploration, the satisfaction of engaged learning, and the integration of visual and performing arts, Bay Farm Montessori Academy students develop the skills and sense of responsibility to be confident learners, eager to understand themselves and their world.


The work of Bay Farm Montessori Academy is grounded in the firm belief that the Montessori educational model provides a proven and effective foundation for learning. We believe that:

  • All children have an innate capacity to wonder about, delight in, and ultimately develop a constructive understanding of the world around them.

  • Every child has the unique potential to learn, communicate, engage, and interact. A child-centered approach, based on an understanding of the child’s developmental readiness, must be the starting point for all educational experiences.

  • Childhood education must develop the whole child across a broad range of academic, physical, creative, social, and emotional dimensions.

  • Children learn best when they engage actively in the learning process. A carefully prepared, mixed-age classroom setting allows children to be both learners and leaders, absorbing lessons from teachers and classmates and serving in turn as role models and mentors to their peers.

  • Children learn easily in a warm and caring environment where they feel welcome and safe. By spending three consecutive years in each classroom, children develop strong, respectful, long-term relationships with their teachers and fellow students.

  • The integration of diverse disciplines with opportunities for creative and artistic expression enriches the learning experience.

  • Through training, discussions, activities, and examinations of organizational practices that may perpetuate implicit bias and racial inequities, our commitment to anti-racism extends from our work with our youngest child all the way to our Board of Trustees.

Bay Farm Beat

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