Bay Farm Middle School

Grades 7 and 8

The Bay Farm Middle School Experience -
preparing adolescents to become contributing citizens of the world who are self-confident and possess skills needed to thrive in society.

The Bay Farm Middle School Program is a two-year program for highly motivated 7th and 8th-grade students. Bay Farm's middle school provides an academically challenging learning community where students navigate the early adolescent years in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and inspiring educational setting. Students benefit from an appropriately challenging academic course load, a rich and kind social environment, complete with curriculum-based outings, guest speakers, and an outstanding Montessori tradition.

As adolescents enter Middle School, it is no secret that certain changes occur, naturally causing vulnerability and self-consciousness. This, on top of social pressures, should not define the Middle School experience. These years should be marked by critical thinking, exploration, fun, and discovery. During these formative years, students benefit from genuine, purposeful work, and Bay Farm Montessori Academy provides the freedom, curriculum, and safe learning environment that afford children and adolescents this opportunity.

If you are looking for a new Middle School experience for your child, we highly encourage you to request more information and tour our campus to learn more. We have limited space and are still accepting applications for Fall 2022.

A Prepared Environment

In 2020, we completed construction on our brand new Middle School facility featuring the Shop. This new facility is a prepared Middle School environment that features flexible space for students to work collaboratively, materials, tools, and resources for hands-on work, and an abundance of natural light for a connection with the natural world. This environment is characterized by a student-centered approach that enables students to manage time, exercise choice, organize themselves and practice self-regulation within a group context. Bay Farm believes that this development of independent self-management is crucial to success in high school and beyond.

Bay Farm Middle School


The Bay Farm Middle School curriculum continuously exposes students to many interrelated topics, resulting in broad and deep knowledge. Students are academically challenged and given reasonable opportunities for pacing work to meet their needs. They also learn responsibility, meet deadlines, and master skills and concepts. With the support and guidance of our teachers, Middle School students complete complex projects that include research and presentation and illustrate their mastery of concepts. Tools such as checklists, work plans, and study guides promote time management, organization, and decision-making in all of their work. To request a download of the Bay Farm Curriculum Guide, click here.