Bay Farm's Right-Fit Tuition Program

How does Right-Fit Tuition work?

The goal of Right-Fit Tuition is to enable all families who believe in Bay Farm’s Montessori mission and approach to make enrolling their child a reality. We take into account a wide range of factors that can affect the financial situation of each family.

What does Right-Fit Tuition Cover?

The investment you make in your child’s education at Bay Farm helps ensure they develop academically, socially, and emotionally in true Montessori fashion. Right-Fit Tuition is not designed to cover the entire cost of enrolling your child at Bay Farm. The goal is to find a tuition price that works within each family’s financial reality.

How can I take part in the Right-Fit Tuition Program?

Because we take into consideration changing financial situations, your family must apply to the Right-Fit Tuition Program every school year. We want to work with you to continually find the right fit for your family. To begin the Right-Fit Tuition process, please start by following the link below to fill out the confidential “FAST” form.