Bay Farm Board of Trustees

President | Hauke Kite-Powell
Vice President & Treasurer | Michael Christiano
Clerk | Jacqueline Perkins
Conrad Wildsmith, Head of School Ex-Officio
Norm Wright
Anton Eshbaugh
Deb Keating
Sarianna Seewald
Jason Trulby
Joe Wagner
Leonard Taylor
Michele McKale, faculty representative
Brooke Camillo, faculty representative
Allison Segalini, MPA representative

Scheduled Board Meetings

Wednesday, November 13: Open Board Meeting. 7:00pm in the Great Room. This event is open to the public and Bay Farm community. Learn about the future of the Bay Farm Middle School, tuition setting, and overall school governance. 

Wednesday, January 15: Closed Board Meeting. 7:00pm in the Great Room

Wednesday, March 18: Closed Board Meeting. Held remotely. 

May, 2020: Closed Board Retreat.