Bay Farm Middle School Program

Bay Farm's middle school provides an academically-challenging learning community where students navigate the early adolescent years in a nurturng, respectful, and inspiring educational setting. Students benefit from an outstanding Montessori tradition, an appropriately challenging academic course load, rich and kind social environment, complete with curriculum-based outings and, guest speakers.


Curriculum & Hands-On Experience

Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum is a strong, multi-faceted program that includes top-notch, seminar-based humanities, science, math, and language programs, implemented on a two-year cycle. The extra-curricular offerings carry on Bay Farm’s unique focus on integrating academics with the performing and visual arts.

With a low student/teacher ratio, students benefit from small group work and individualized instruction and are highly encouraged and taught to be self-directed, independent, reflective, and respectful.

The humanities program is a synthesis of the literature, social studies, geography, and history covering a range of topics and subjects that are appropriate for twelve- to fourteen-year-old children. Instead of using one particular text, we draw from a variety of sources, thus offering differences in style, insight, and opinion on the issues we examine. Over time, students in this “great discussion,” modeled on the Socratic dialogue tradition, learn to formulate and express their ideas. Assignment choices in the Humanities are based on a multiple intelligences approach.

Creative writing is taught through seminar-style discussions and individual writing conferences. Individual and peer critiques are used extensively to improve and expand student writing. A variety of writing genres are introduced and reviewed. Emphasis is placed on the Writing Process.

Each topic includes hands-on labs, textbook assignments, journal articles, research into the lives of important scientists in a field, and history and math applications where applicable. Current events in science, as well as relevant historical issues, constitute continuous strands for discussion and research. Particular emphasis is placed on inquiry skills, the scientific method, and lab skills. In most science topics, there is reading outside of the textbook. Skills involving evolving technology are emphasized.

In 7th grade, the students study Transitional math, and in 8th grade, the students study Pre- Algebra, and Algebra. Students use higher-order thinking skills to solve problems in relation to a variety of challenges, from practical money transactions to algebraic relationships, exploring in-depth number properties, simple equations, higher measurements, computer calculation and graphics, and geometric proofs. The math program emphasizes problem-solving, everyday application, and the use of technology and reading while developing and maintaining basic skills.

Middle School Internship Week

Bay Farm participates in an Internship Week where our middle school students benefit from real-world career explorations. This program includes a 30 hour, one-week internship experience off-campus with local businesses and corporations.

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