The Agriculture Program at Bay Farm

Bay Farm’s innovative agriculture program puts our students in direct contact with the plant and animal kingdom. By living next to the life cycle, our students have the unique opportunity to learn in authentic, hands-on, significant ways. 

Our agriculture program:

  • Enhances math, science, and humanities classroom work from a lived-in, hands-on perspective.
  • Guides in understanding key practices to creating a sustainable way of living.
  • Provides essential experiences leading to a deep appreciation for the principles of conservation.

From planting seeds as a toddler to learning about the resources of farming and agriculture, to creating a micro-economy as middle schoolers, our students are able to intersect with nature at their developmental levels. They are actively engaged in all aspects of the program from caring for goats, composting, planting fruits and harvesting vegetables, tending our orchard, budgeting for expenses, and more.

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