Boston Magazine Bay Farm Montessori Academy

Everything changed for education on the morning of March 13. Schools closed, students stayed home, and the entire system became paralyzed due to the Coronavirus. Educators had never faced a crisis of this magnitude. A responsive, creative plan was crucial to overcoming it.

Teachers and administrators at Bay Farm Montessori Academy, a pre-K through grade 8 school in Duxbury, wasted no time taking action. Within a day of closing the school, they created and launched “Bay Farm at Home,” an in-home, online daily curriculum specific to every student. They didn’t stop there. Continual research to improve the curriculum has ensured that students won’t just reach their learning goals from home, but surpass them.

“This kind of responsive, divergent thinking is what we teach our students every day at Bay Farm,” says Jenny Sabados, Director of The SHOP at Bay Farm, an innovation hub opening this fall custom made for the middle school program.“It is a perfect example of what is ingrained in each student before they graduate to ensure their success in an ever-changing world.”

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