Bay Farm Drive-Through BOO Fest, October 30th
An Inspiring Start
Welcome Back from the Head of School
The Return to Campus
Dr. Maria Montessori Turns 150!
How to Help your Child Prepare for the Return to School
Introducing Margaret Monteith - Bay Farm Middle School
10 Book Recommendations on Montessori and Child Development
Our Return to School
Black Lives Matter: A Message from the AMS Board President
A Phased Approach
Bay Farm Montessori Academy Stands in Solidarity
Introducing our School Nurse
An Update on Bay Farm Summer
Physically Distant, Socially Connected
Next Year.
Introducing Lindsey Moss, ELII Humanities Teacher
Conrad Wildsmith will extend his tenure as Bay Farm’s Head of School for the next five years.
Looking Ahead to Next Year...
The Shop: An Innovation Hub Changing the Face of Middle School Education