The Shop Series featuring the Felted Bee

Introducing The Shop Series! 

Welcome to The Shop Series! Starting in November, The Shop at Bay Farm Montessori Academy will open its doors to local community 4-8th grade students and their families to enjoy all that The Shop has to offer. The Shop Series will offer a variety of tinkering, crafting, and building events designed to get attendees thinking, designing, and making with their hands. Come enjoy creating with local makers and take home new, exciting knowledge. We hope to see you on campus. 

Create Your Own Needle-Felt Ornament!

Thursday, November 17, 6:00 - 7:30 PM

Bay Farm Middle School - The Shop - 145 Loring St. Duxbury, MA

For 4th-8th Graders
(4-5 graders must have a parent present. 6-8 graders can be dropped off.)
$15 individual and $25 parent/student discount

Needle felting is a technique of using a very sharp, barbed needle to repeatedly stab into wool to create felt. The wool becomes tangled and snarled and compressed by the needle. By repeatedly jabbing all over the wool you can create various forms and turn wool into felt.

In this workshop, we will use a cookie cutter as a form to help create a shape with the wool. Once the wool is tight and felted, we will turn that into an ornament. There will be a variety of cookie cutters available to choose from but feel free to bring your own, no more than 3 inches and a more rounded shape works best. Cutters with sharp, small corners are harder to work with.

Each participant will receive a foam block to work on, a needle, and wool to make one or two ornaments. You will be able to take your foam block, needle, and your projects home. There will be cookie cutters to borrow and a variety of colors of wool to choose from. As well as some twine to create an ornament.

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