Reading-Round Up - Book Suggestions

Below is an excerpt from the June issue of the Bay Farm Beat. 


Bay Farm Beat Reading Round Up

Book selections for Reading Round-Up this winter and spring included old favorites in addition to very recently published books. Contemporary subject matter and writing style, coupled with amusing, colorful, and imaginative illustrations are refreshing and further engage our students’ listening skills and focus. 

Children’s House topics have included listening to The Big Umbrella, a story of inclusion, and The Digger and The Duck, which highlights thoughtfulness and kindness. Creativity was key in Cosmos Moon and Mary Margaret’s Tree, while Edward in the Jungle introduced a Tarzan theme that captured listeners’ imagination. We listened to Tarzan’s renowned call of help to his animal kingdom for fun and emphasis. 

ELI and ELII are two groups with broad interest levels and comprehension skills. Children’s literature provides a variety of options for reading to older mixed-aged groups. Elementary students dabbled in science while reading Perkins Perfect Purple, and The Boy on Fairfield Street chronicled Ted Geisel’s youth through his young adult years. Shazra and the Angry King exposed readers to the plight of citizens that are forced to flee their homeland. 

The Day We Learned to Fly is an inspirational story about overcoming prejudices and rising above adversity. Loujain Dreams of Sunflowers is a powerful testament and true story of a tenacious young female activist in Saudi Arabia. We have read the novels Ghost, The Canyons Edge, The Whipping Boy, and Liar Liar to round out our literary time together. Reading Round-Up wishes you a happy summer enhanced with more great books.

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