Wrapping Up the School Year

Dear Families,

We arrived! Here we are on the last day of school. Where did the time go? I frequently talk about how our campus lays out like a child's timeline, from learning first words as a 12-month-old in the Toddler House to debating current issues as a 14-year-old in the Middle School. Each year represents a point on their Bay Farm timeline. 

While the developmental continuum our children grow through might seem almost magical, it is not. Year by year, the transformation is an inspiring combination of natural human development, thoughtful parenting, a well-prepared environment, and talented and dedicated teachers. Each point is important on this timeline as we work together to support our children's growth. 

This year has been a whirlwind of starts and stops, and we are all overjoyed to now be able to focus our attention more on performance and festivals: the things that bring us together, the things we enjoy. Yes, we are exhausted! It's the same kind of exhaustion you feel after leaving everything on the playing field or the exhaustion you have after completing a major project. The good and fulfilling feeling of the work we know our muscles and minds need for growth.

Next year marks an important milestone on Bay Farm's timeline, our school's 50th anniversary! Originally called Munchkin Montessori, Bay Farm was founded in 1972 by Pam and Leo Malbouf, whose work and vision laid the foundation for the school we are today. We will celebrate our anniversary with special events and celebrations throughout the year.

We are also looking forward to exerting more of our energy on the overall Bay Farm experience. In the upcoming school year, we will diligently work to rebuild our Montessori Parent Association, parent social events, parent education, and vital Community Conversations for our adult community. 

For our student experience, there will be two new Bay Farm excursion buses to help transport students for regular, meaningful in-the-field experiences beyond basic field trips. The buses will also help expand our after-school Enrichment opportunities. Much of our work on Wednesday mornings and during our professional development days is being reflected in our curriculum, teaching, and assessment. Our entire team will continue our work articulating each program's goals and assessing our progress toward those goals.

We wish those of you who are leaving us for new places and adventures all the best and a special congratulations to our capable 8th graders. Bay Farm's Montessori program provides children with a strong foundation for future success embodied by these graduates. They have arrived at the end of their Bay Farm timelines, graduating to schools of their choosing with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to be successful. I am excited to see what each of their futures hold.

Have a wonderful summer, 


Conrad Wildsmith
Head of School