Interview with Astronaut, Jonny Kim Bay Farm Montessori Academy

Did you know that it takes 4 hours to travel to the international space station, 4 days to travel to the moon, and 6 months to travel to Mars?  Did you know astronauts need to know how to fly a rocket and fix a toilet that recycles 99% of the drinking water crucial to life in space? And did you know that over the next 10 years NASA has plans to return to the moon and send ordinary civilians to space?  Well, the Bay Farm Middle School and Elementary II students now know these facts and much much more after their truly engaging interview during Shop with Astronaut, Dr. Jonny Kim yesterday, March 11th.  

Jonny shared his inspirational journey starting as a mathematics student at the University of San Diego, on to his Navy SEAL training and more than 100 Combat missions, to a graduate of Harvard Medical School and now a NASA astronaut awaiting mission assignment.  He generously shared an hour of his time to speak with our students and personally answered questions in detail from each student in attendance. His humble demeanor in relaying his many astounding accomplishments has left a lasting impression on these young minds that they won’t soon forget.   

Thank you, Jonny and NASA for making this special experience possible.

To learn more about Jonny Kim,  visit his biography on