Bay Farm Montessori Music Program

Dear Bay Farm Families,

We are delighted to welcome Jeffrey King as the newest addition to the Performing Arts Program at Bay Farm Montessori. Starting on Monday, Jeff will be supporting Elementary I, Elementary II, and Middle School Music alongside Rachel.  

Jeff has been teaching individual and group music lessons over the last 13 years. Along with teaching private lessons, he has worked at the PianoMill in Rockland, the Cohassett Recreation Department, and Inly School. Jeff also has experience coaching many seasons of middle school sports at Thayer Academy.

"My favorite aspect of teaching is the process of building a genuine relationship with my students. I strive to create a safe space where they feel comfortable being and sharing themselves; and with compassion and trust, we are able to support and challenge one another towards our common goal of growth. I am very excited to be joining and supporting the community as an educator, collaborator, and personality. I am greatly looking forward to developing the sound studio and assisting students interested in sound design and audio engineering with podcasts and other creative projects!" 

Jeff’s talents, experience, and passion for the performing arts will help our school rejuvenate Bay Farm’s amazing arts-integrated experience. Please join me in welcoming Jeff to our school community on Monday.  

- Conrad