Bay Farm Montessori Academy

Maria Montessori believed that the root of peace lies in the education of our children. Only when children are intentionally taught global citizenship, respect for diversity, and personal responsibility will they have the strength to refuse to follow false information and calls for violence blindly.

Yesterday's violent assault on our nation's capital is in direct opposition to Bay Farm's mission and values. We do not accept aggression and deceit as a means to resolve issues, and we promote peace in our classrooms. Educating our children to be moral global citizens is essential. As long as schools like ours take on the responsibility of teaching peace, there is hope.

As Montessorians, we know that peace cannot be achieved by conquering enemies or subduing those who disagree with us. The only path to peace comes from the challenging work of understanding and acceptance. Peace, truth, and justice begin in the classrooms of our schools and the homes of our children.

Please remember that the Bay Farm staff stands ready to support our students and families as we navigate these disturbing events.