Bay Farm Montessori Academy

Dear Families,

At times I find myself saying, “I can’t wait until next year,” or “All we have to do is make it through this week or month.” These words communicate dissatisfaction with the way things are in the present and my yearning for change —a very understandable sentiment during the pandemic. Many people share this perspective; it’s a natural extension of the reason we look to January 1st as a blank slate in making new goals and resolutions.

Over winter break, I realized that some of these thoughts amount to wishing days away. Getting by or making it through is not how I want to string together periods of my life. So, in 2021, despite the challenges COVID brings, I am determined to find joy and purpose in the present. Every day my life provides more positives than negatives, and I am focused on relishing in the bounty of interactions, experiences, and lessons this community offers.

Our best resolutions have less to do with personal gain — be it diet, job, exercise, or wealth — than the compassionate regard for others. Here’s an ironclad guarantee: develop a daily commitment to be kind, and you will have a far more significant impact on the world you inhabit (not to mention your health) than signing up for a month at the gym.

On Monday, our community is joyfully coming back together after 16 days apart. We must approach this reunion with honesty, integrity, and respect for each other. Please think carefully about the potential risks your activities over the holidays might bring to our school. Please, seek guidance from the State and the CDC on the best course of action for you. If you traveled, you should quarantine. If you had extended gatherings, you should be tested. If you have any symptoms, you should stay home. We all want our children to grow up with kindness and respect for others, and we understand that each family’s decisions and actions regarding returning to school are rooted in such kindness.

If you have questions or would like guidance for your specific family situation, we are here.