Bay Farm Montessori Academy

Dear Families,

In this most unprecedented and challenging year, it’s not a small feat to have made it to the end of 2020 with our spirits still intact. During this time when we usually have our end of the year school celebrations, give hugs to our friends, students, and colleagues and go off to travel and visit extended families, we are saying our physically distant goodbyes with our small pods through masks. There is nothing ordinary about this school year. And while we are all collectively exhausted from 10 months of physical distance, mask-wearing, uncertainty about the future, as well as missing our extended family and friends, we have managed to find small joys in our everyday life here on campus. The teachers at Bay Farm have done a miraculous job at preserving the Bay Farm experience we all know and love.

As we break until the new year, I wish you are all able to find peace and joy in the small spaces you have with your family and find new ways to celebrate and honor with joy, purpose, and compassion. 

My second wish is that you and your family can see the hope that a brighter 2021 brings. Science has raced to help provide humanity with a vaccine that will eventually end this pandemic. And while we still have a few months of difficulty ahead, we can now truly see the finish line—this is the last lap. Here at Bay Farm, we will continue to monitor the state and local case counts and recommendations. When we are confident it is safe, we will cautiously begin re-establishing some of the routines and programs we miss with guidance from experts. We all look forward to the time when we can have extracurriculars, performances, sports, and gatherings once again. In the meantime, we will redouble our efforts to create a safe and inspiring program for all.

Be well, stay safe, and enjoy the holiday.