Bay Farm Montessori Academy

Dear Families,

Planning for a return to in-person school began the same week we closed the school this past March. For six months, we went through scenario after scenario paying close attention to the scientific community's evolving understanding of COVID-19, changing our pace with new developments. We spent 1,000+ hours working on procedures and protocols to protect our children and staff from infection and not spread this virus.

It is a sobering experience confronting the fact that no extra effort or precaution we take can entirely stop COVID-19. We can't cure this disease, concoct a vaccine, or fully insulate our school from these invisible germs. Like in parenting, we cannot stop all the potential dangers to our children. All we can do is be as safe, as smart, and as sure as possible.

The way our  Bay Farm community has responded to this crisis is inspiring. Despite the obstructions to "normal" school experience, it is clear to see after two weeks of in-person learning that our children are thriving. Face covering cannot hide the smiles of engaged children. Six feet of space cannot prevent personal connections. The heaviest middle school construction mess doesn't deter our families. This crisis is proof of the human spirit's power and how coming together in a shared space makes that power exponentially greater.

Thank you for taking the morning attestations seriously. The proactive decision to stay home even with the tiniest inkling of illness helps to keep COVID off-campus. We already have evidence that this powerful precaution is working. We know this is a burden to you. We are here to support you through it. Please remember to contact Nurse Alyssa with any medical questions, concerns, or situations. Alyssa works closely with the Department of Health, determining COVID contacts and quarantine duration in the event of exposure to the virus.

One day, I will write a letter to our school community that begins with remembering when there was a pandemic. Until then, please stay safe and healthy, and thank you for trusting us with your children.

- Conrad