Bay Farm Montessori Academy South Shore Private School

Dear Families,

Last year, we were up to our elbows in pancake batter, preparing for a first-ever back to school pancake breakfast. This year, we are up to our elbows in hand sanitizer, preparing for a first-ever physically distanced school year. We have never seen anything like this before in education; welcome to a new school year's exciting promise.

While the global Pandemic has forced Bay Farm to make critical changes, our teachers and staff members are ready to support a strong year of growth and learning in the Montessori tradition. We are thrilled and grateful to be welcoming 182 students to our beautiful, physically-distanced campus.

Dr. Montessori was a scientist. She believed in using observation and data to arrive at new understandings. We are honoring her legacy by applying these principles to the current challenges facing all institutions. This health crisis has proven that Bay Farm Montessori Academy is a collection of professionals who know what we are doing. We know children and child development; we know how to be safe and smart and sure. Our strength lies in our ability to understand the evolving situation through science and data and synthesize this information to custom fit our routines, procedures, and even our facilities to better our community. We are confident in being a safe school highly attuned to our children's needs.

Bay Farm will maintain a safe and clean environment that practices the best scientific recommendations for school settings. We have added staff, including a school nurse, we have added space and reconfigured classrooms, and we have eight outdoor learning centers. We have added all of the personal protective equipment needed to ensure everyone's safety on campus. 

The Pandemic has affected all people across this country, and many cannot be in the same fortunate situation surrounded by a strong, trusting community such as Bay Farm. In the case of us all doing our part to help make sure Bay Farm stays as safe as possible, I trust this community. We understand that our actions, both on and off-campus, directly impact our school year's success, and so, we collectively know that the Bay Farm community is all in this together. We are committed to limiting the risks for everyone in our community. 

A school's skill depends on the team's flexibility and commitment to do what is right for children. Bay Farm is a flexible and responsive organization. We don't pretend to get everything right the first time, but we are committed to working until we do. The 2020-2021 school year will be memorable for everyone. It will be a year when we will learn how to be comfortable with change. 

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of being an educator is witnessing daily the unique human capacity for innovation and adaptation. One of the most satisfying things for a child is independently overcoming novel obstacles. At Bay Farm, we can experience both the inspiration and satisfaction of meeting all of the changes and challenges the year will present. I am thrilled to witness our school's ingenious responses to new situations and relish the opportunity to innovate our way to a fantastic year.  

Thank you for putting your trust in us as we take this unprecedented journey together.