Bay Farm Montessori Academy Peace and Justice

Bay Farm Montessori Academy stands in solidarity with all black lives suffering in the hands of systemic racism. The atrocious injustice of senseless killings taking place across our country, like the most recent murder of George Floyd, is a constant reminder of the legacy of our country's history of enslavement and centuries of discrimination against people of African descent.

Racism is everyone's problem. We support Dr. Maria Montessori's belief that schools are essential to constructive social reform. We agree that all children are born with natural tendencies toward peace and justice and that children have an innate capacity to change the world. Our responsibility as a school is to fortify this capacity with love, guidance, and setting a good example.

As a school, we commit to examining our blind-spots, whether in our curriculum, our conversations, or our actions. We will amplify the under-represented voices in the stories we tell, and the lessons we learn. As a Montessori school, we commit to our responsibility to model conscious decision making that results in daily, consistent, equitable choices to be anti-racist.

Our school's only path forward is to seek the right steps to breaking the cycle of systematic racism and to reinforce that Black Lives Matter.