Bay Farm Montessori Academy Phased Approach to Opening

Dear Bay Farm Families,

One of the significant efforts happening right now at Bay Farm revolves around the creation of a responsive, predictable, and flexible plan for the upcoming school year. We have structured our planning under the broad categories of Programming, Policies, Facilities, and Infrastructure. We are actively fleshing out the concrete steps to prepare for a successful school year, where we will move through phases of re-opening. In September, our flexible plan will begin in Phase 2, and we anticipate slowly moving through the phases in a cautiously safe manner as health data suggests.

We are looking at the road back to normal as a continuum and thoughtfully planning each phase so that we can flexibly move through the continuum. Currently, we are in Phase 1, with on-campus school closure and distance learning. Our final Phase 5 leads to school operations and programing that closely resemble what we know and love about Bay Farm. Each step on this continuum represents a structured phase. Adequate continuum planning gives us the ability to move in either direction according to the latest health data.

For example, we are just finishing the first and hopefully last days of Bay Farm at Home. Thanks to parent, student, and teacher feedback, we have learned a lot about this platform's strengths and weaknesses. Over the summer, we will be refining the delivery of Bay Farm at Home, looking at needed professional development, student device infrastructure, and implementation so that, if we ever need to go back to Phase 1, Bay Farm at Home will be an improved and ready to use program.

Some things, like the timing and trajectory of the disease, are not in our control. This fact makes the predictability and flexibility of our planning all the more critical. We have a robust school community ready to thoughtfully take on the challenges ahead, working together with renewed joy, focused purpose, and depthless compassion. We will continue to update you over the summer as we solidify the details of our phased re-opening.