Conrad Wildsmith, Head of School, Bay Farm Montessori Academy
The Bay Farm Montessori Academy Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that the school has reached an agreement with Conrad Wildsmith to extend his tenure as Bay Farm's Head of School for the next five years. 
Over the past three years, Conrad has guided the steady improvement of Bay Farm's administrative and faculty teams, coordinated the successful AISNE and AMS accreditation process, re-established Bay Farm's agricultural program, put in motion the renovation and updating of our Middle School, and spearheaded the development and implementation of improved outreach and communications. 
These efforts have put Bay Farm on a positive path to growth in enrollment and in our educational programming, and also in a substantially stronger position to face the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 world. The Board thanks Conrad and all the Bay Farm faculty and staff who have worked hard to serve our students and families, especially in the past two months. We look forward to working with Conrad and all of you in the coming years as we continue to build our school. 
The authentic Bay Farm whole-child Montessori education is now more important than ever for students and families in our communities; and we will work together to ensure that Bay Farm is there for many future generations of students.
- The Bay Farm Montessori Academy Board of Trustees