Dear Families,

We are entering May, the final month of the school year, and the finish line for this school year is now in sight. We know we can complete this marathon and are now turning our focus to an exciting start to the next school year.

Based on information currently available, we can say with confidence that Bay Farm will re-open in the fall. Our focus now moves towards understanding the steps we must pro-actively take to allow us to welcome students back and ensure a safe start to the next school year.

A school like ours, designed with the Montessori prepared environment in mind, has some significant advantages over traditional models. Bay Farm classrooms are larger than the classrooms in most schools. This additional space will help us maximize the distance between students during the day. Another feature of the classrooms at Bay Farm is that they all have separate entrances, individual sinks and bathrooms, and limited access kitchens. These elements combine to create classrooms with little exposure to outside germs and make a controlled environment for our children.

If necessary, we have the capacity and staffing to reduce all class sizes by 50% and still maintain a full schedule for all students. Every space can have a different entrance and access to the outside, and parents will be able to drop off directly to each classroom. The result is that we can provide a daily school experience that far exceeds the safety recommendations put forth by the CDC or the experience other schools can promise.

There will undoubtedly be required changes to the accustomed school day. Large-group gatherings, team sports, field trips, and the recess schedule will all be affected. However, the school calendar, length of the school day, and the core principles of the Bay Farm program will remain the same.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are prepared to begin the next school year with a laser focus on health and safety in the same individualized and caring Montessori way. We look forward to welcoming you back to campus with joy, purpose, and compassion.


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