Bay Farm MPA
Hello from the MPA! 
We are thinking of our Bay Farm community and families. We hope that you continue to stay healthy during this challenging time. While our administration and staff are working diligently to create an effective at-home learning curriculum for our students, The Montessori Parents' Association have been connecting with many of the parents daily. We would like you ALL to know that we are here for you during these difficult times and welcome your emails, texts, phone calls and letters. 
We have put together a bunch of resources that have been helpful keeping our own children engaged during our quarantine that we would like to share with you. These resources have been a lot of fun for our families and offer; crafts, videos, exercising, music concerts, reading, cooking etc...
Time for Kids
National Geographic Kids
Macaroni Kid
Family Music Concert (All Ages)
Playing with Tradition (Grades Pre-K-3)
Music and Social Change (Grades 3-8+)
Alastair Moock Music 
Beachbody Kids - Workouts
Audible Stories
Kiwico DIY
Kiwico - Activities for 9-11 Year Olds 
Raddish Kids Recipes 
As always, we would love to hear from you anytime! Please feel free to reach out for ideas that are working at home, to say hello, with any concerns you may have or for a quick chat! It is important to stay connected to your community (now more than ever!) Please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here for you.
All the Best,
The Bay Farm MPA

Allison Segalini, MPA President
Jessica Laaper, MPA Vice President
Dayna Travers, MPA Communications Coordinator 
Sara Preston, MPA Treasurer
Amy Bennet, MPA & Room Parent Chair