Bay Farm Enrichment Basketball Team Llamas Bay Farm

This year in Basketball the Bay Farm Llamas have had a great season finishing with an 8 and 2 record.  The team played great together and the camaraderie was inspiring to watch. We had victories over Thacher, Riverbend, Inly, Kingsley and St. Paul School. Our older players were great role models, helping some of our younger players with their skills and building awareness. The Codjoe brothers led the team with points scored. Olivia and Giavanna continued to improve their rebounding skills and Nina, Giovina, and Brody refined their jump shots. Marley and William continued to play tough defense. More than a few games were won by 3 points or less. With the help of assistant coach Paul Travers, we finished with a strong season. 

We have a parent/faculty/student game on Tuesday, March 17! Everyone is invited to participate. 3:45pm at Starland in Hanover. 

Thank you for your support! Go, Llamas!