Bay Farm Kindergarten Private Kindergarten Program South Shore Montessori

In January, we will continue our exploration of coding with KIBO the robot. Then we will start our study of the human body. In groups of three, the kindergarteners will color, cut and assemble a body puzzle and then label parts of the body. The children will also label the external parts of their body maps that we traced at the beginning of the year. Next we will study the brain and the five senses. 

In February, we continue to study the human body. We will explore the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and skeletal systems and add them to their life size body map. We will discuss ways to keep our bodies healthy, including hand washing and avoiding germs. We will experiment with a project of growing germs on bread where the children could actually see the germs grow daily. We will have a dental assistant come in to review proper dental hygiene. Our “Safe Touching Program” will cover car, street, fire, and gun safety. We will also discuss strangers, getting lost, good/bad touches, as well as wanted and unwanted touches. These topics give our students a better understanding of how to get help, how to find a trusted adult, and how to dial 911. The children will learn and practice their phone number and their address. During Valentine’s week, our children will be creating and mailing a special handmade Valentine’s Day card for a kindergarten friend. They will practice writing out an address on an envelope, stamping it, and learn the process of how it will be mailed. 

In March, we turn our attention to the Earth and beyond. We will explore space learning about the phases of the moon, the planets, and the stars. As we study the layers of the Earth, map the oceans, and learn about the water cycle, we will be taking a field trip to the Blake Planetarium. We will complete our study by making a clay globe of the Earth. 

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